Pants Vape

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E-Liquid from Pants

Yes, you heard right!
Pants Vape is delighted to annouce that our own brand e-liquid is now available!
Freshly mixed by our crack team of chemistry bods flown in specially from Andorra, using only the finest of enamel bath tubs and nicotine extracted from pub ashtrays, this e-liquid will wow your senses and numb your sinuses!
Available in huge 15ml bottles in 43mg, 64mg and 91mg strengths.

Sassy Savouries:
  • Munky-Nutz
  • Munky-Chunder
  • Vox Welder
  • Agua de Wheelie Bin
  • Marscapone
  • Donna Kebab

Squelchy Squonkers:

  • Summer Corn
  • Ladyflower
  • Steamed Watercress
  • Miss Fezzypeg's Incongruous Liaison
  • Scampi Scants
  • Pavement Pizza
  • Horses Chestnuts
  • Pet Shop

Drooly Drippers:

  • Norma Snockers
  • Chocolate Starfish
  • Chocolate Bocks
  • Carpet Muffin
  • Creamy Scrotchit
  • Betty Swollocks
  • Froot Shoot
Try these liquids with our new Tamponator direct liquid absoption system!

Simply soak the Tamponator in your favourite juice, insert it into your chosen nostril
and light the string with a match, lighter or blowtorch.
This then atomises the juice so it goes directly to the pleasure centres of the brain.
A fast, easy way to get your nic hit

Use this system/method at your own risk.
Pants Vape is not responsible for injuries suffered or your house burning down.