Pants Vape

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For the ultimate in vaping pleasure!

The Roto-Snadger from Pants Vape is at the very pinnacle of vaping technology.

Its 400W power output supplied from a handy 240V power cord allow it to
operate at an incredible 18000RPM, making for an unparallelled throat hit
and vapour production, regardless of what atomiser or juice you are using.

This device is Denta-Clenz EU Approved for your safety.

Example shown opposite is in Kate Moss Kleen Green.
Also available in Nigella Lawson Durty Raven and Gillian McKeith Jaundice Yellow.

The video below shows how to make a coil for your rebuildable atomiser using the Roto-Snadger and the handy-dandy CoilWinder attachment